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Hey guys on windows 7 home Dell xps 15 L502X I clicked shut down and for over 6 hours overnight it still stuck on full blue screen saying "operations are in progress please wait. The machine will be turned off automatically after the operations are complete." Strange? I've tried switching it off and next reboot is resuming still saying the same thing. I tried taking the battery out and still same thing What's the problem and how to fix it?

I think if I force shut down the laptop it might let me boot in windows. during the blue screen info it won't let me do anything mouse don't move can't bring up task manager nothing. but i can see the hard drive flickering, what could it be doing looping?

a week or so now then started giving me quota underflow blue screens, I did reboot repair and it asked me to send error to microsoft, so I did while connected to the internet via ethernet this all during a reboot screen, then next rebooted into windows I got 50 or so updates for the laptop, installed them all, now so far seems to be working no blue screens yet but It's only been a day.

Wonder if my problem was outdated drivers and sending that info to microsoft allowed them to find it and ping my system with necessary important updates?
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  1. After another format I thought I fixed the issue, but after a windows update security updates, next time i reboot pc it blue screens me again Ntfs.sys and other times is that pool blue screen error, still trying to figure out the cause. So far it hasn't done it yet since a system restore but I wonder if its a windows update thats causing it.
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    Try booting into safe mode (F8), and remove the update.
    It's worth a try.
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