AEROCOOL Strike-X 800W vs Corsair TX-750 750W V2

i am having a hard time deciding between these two. they are about the same price where I live (Australia). I 've heard a lot of recommendation on Corsair in general however, there are also a lot of complain on Corsair PSU being loud, make buzz noise and annoying fan boost. On the other, I couldn't find much info on the Aerocool's one. Can someone please help me to decide?

PS: I am looking for more than 700W PSU and under 160$ AUD, if both above options are bad.
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    While I would personally go for the Corsair, you can get more info here about the Aerocool:

    and here:

    This from last page of KitGuru review:
    "The unit didn’t fail in our ‘real world’ testing this week, but we would have some concerns with the overall noise suppression capabilities, especially if the end user was pushing the supply hard, particularly when overclocked with expensive, high drain partnering equipment. I wouldn’t trust this unit long term with a high end system build."

    Hope it helps.
  2. Aerocool is a very low quality psu and I would stay away from it completely. The TX series of Corsair are well respected and solid units. Hard to go wrong with a Corsair.

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