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I put my PC in sleep mode yesterday which I never usually do and since then the CPU has not woken up even despite various attempts of keyboard buttons being pressed and the movement of the mouse,I figured something's wrong here,I then switched off the power unplugged and plugged everything back again and tried to start the CPU and this time what I noticed on my Corsair GS 600 PSU was that the fan starts initially while putting it on but then it stops and dosent move after that which it usually does normally,at this moment the light in the PSU is lit as well as the other operational LEDs which signal that the CPU is on but I have nothing coming on the display,tried to restart several times but I get nothing on the monitors so I have basically lost all control as there is no way to either go in BIOS or any other function,after going through some threads on here where I see that its a major windows bug and sought out to the advice some gave about unplugging everything and then keeping the On button pressed for 30 secs for removing electric charge,even despite doing that it has not worked,would appreciate anyone to help clear out this mess as this is new territory I have ventured into.
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  1. From the start you probably should have tried pressing the power button on after the keyboard and mouse movements to see if it started up from where you left it, possibly in your BIOS or your power settings you haven't got correct configuration to wake on usb device.

    do you even see the screen do a POST?
    have you changed the cable/port on your display device?
    have you updated anything on there recently?
  2. Yeah I learnt about pressing the power button thing a bit later ,and yes Im not sure as to how the configurations in BIOS are set,but at the moment nothing shows up on the screen not even the black screen with the monitor being on kind of thing,the LED on the Monitor just blinks which means its on standby with no signal coming,and no there have been no recent changes either on hardware or software made,another thing to add is that im using a Sapphire HD7770 as graphics card,but nothing worth mentioning has been done to the PC recently.
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    If there is an onboard video card try plugging the monitor cable into that before bootup and see if you get signal, if however you don't and you can't even get a simple POST to display you may be looking a more severe problem.
  4. Hey that really helped out,I put the onboard graphics and got the signal,i went into BIOS and saw that the wake on mouse and keyboard was disabled,which i changed to "enable". after saving that the cpu booted but didnt wake up again ,so i removed the display cable and put it on to the graphics video out,this time it came on and i chose the option to start windows normally,everything looks ok for now except that i can see from the led in the corsair psu that the fan isnt moving at all,that does not look good to me,but the rest of it works fine,must be something to do with the power setting on the bios,but i dont seem to know what,still trying to find that out,any way its on for now so thanks a bunch Darren.
  5. To easy and congratulations! If one of the provided helped resolve the issue please mark it as the solution for future forum browsers. Have a good one.
  6. Solved: Monitor stays in Sleep Mode.
    I've had the same problem for a long time and solved it weeks ago. The problem is the Monitors capacitors. They are defective and do not store enough power to wake up the computer monitor. Wiki has a page on in called Capacitor Plague which I'll post an the end. Apparently, a Taiwan manufacturer tried to steal the formula for Japanese capacitors and got it wrong. They blow up eventually and don't store enough power to wake up the monitor. For months I would turn the power button off and on and press the Windows key between Ctrl and Alt. I finally found a shop to replace my Westinghouse lcm-22w3 monitor capacitors for $45 a couple of weeks ago because it can be very delicate work which I don't do for a living. I've had electronics in Vo-Tech but that was decades ago.
    Anyway Westinghouse has a repair page identifying the problems and tells me how to do the repair and what capacitors to replace. There is even a kit of parts to buy. Here it is:
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