Best Option for Graphics upgrade on older system q6600 8g 2tb

Okay my Son's computer died against my better judgment he went out and spent his own hard earned cash on a friends second hand system

q6600 8Gb ram 2Tb of HD I rummaged around and found a working 9700 Cooler and got the computer 6 hours of Prime 95 stable at 3.4Ghz with a minor vcore bump (got lucky)

I found a few older video cards in my computer parts bin

Hd 5870 gtx 465 and a gtx 470 with Zman cooler and a gtx 480

I already got him his Christmas present 4 tires for his truck so I told him he will have to work off the video card around 50 bucks seems fair

Of those cards which is going to be best for a q6600 at 3.4ghz
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    The GTX 480 is a small bit faster in some games and much faster than it in others than the 5870.

    Please note it comes with a VERY hefty power requirement.

    Feel free to check out this review that has several games as well as power and noise numbers.
  2. My choice would be the 5870. Or the GTX 480 which is a bit faster if you have a beefy PSU and don't mind inflating your power bills, noise and heat ;)
  3. I also have a 4870 X2 if that matters
  4. With some of the corssfire issues and rather high power, I do not tend to recommend it now.

    I think the 5870 is still faster too(for most games at least) :)

    You can not get one perfect card. It varies from game to game and card to card.
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