Quick question: I have 2 locations I can place my 120mm fan. Side intake or rear exhaust?

I just got done building my PC, and bought 4 sys fans. Unfortunately I must of been imagining things when examining my motherboard, turns out I only have 3 sys fan ports.

My case is the Bitfenix Shinobi window version.

My 140mm fan is a top exhaust, and I have a 120mm front intake.
By default, the Shinobi also comes with a 120mm rear exhaust.

I want to make the best of the amount of sys fans I can use, and get the best temps. Since the side fan location is RIGHT above my vid card, it makes a very good cooler (my vid card is 'open' type).

I have tested in both places. With the rear exhaust instead of the side intake. At 100 GPU load, my temps were around 60-64 max. With side intake, at 100 GPU load, my temps did not go over 60. They hovered around high 50s.

Someone told me that rear exhausts are important. As I already have a big fan as a top exhaust, do I really need a rear exhaust? Can I just use side intake instead?

Thanks you.
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  1. The top exhaust is sufficient so if you have lower temps with side intake nothing wrong with it.
  2. If I were you,I'd go with the side intake,since you said there were already 2 exhausts. So it'd stay fine...
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