Will This GPU Run BF4 Well?

Will a AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB run BF4 well and if it can what will it run it at like high or medium and if you need it the CPU I'm getting is the AMD FX-6300
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    Yes, that gpu will run bf4 fine on high settings.
  2. your combination will be more than able to run BF4 on high at 1080p, but if you have a multimonitor setup, or a QHD display, it will be underpowered a little
  3. High settings would be questionable whether it's playable or not ;)
    but yeah it will run perfect on Medium with maybe a few high's thrown in.

    If you can't afford a better GPU make sure you have lots of RAM and make sure it's good
    ram running 1600 or better. The beta is hard to make a judgement on since the beta is complete EA garbage. by design beta means buggy but it's flat out horrible in classic EA fashion unfortunately. Wait for the game to come out in a few weeks and see how the full game with better driver support and patch/tweaks runs on various hardware.
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