Ordering parts tomorrow, checking for compatibility and possible upgrades.

So I've been looking in to getting a new PC for quite a long time now, and finally tomorrow I'm going be be able to order one!

These are the parts I have chosen:

Processor: AMD FX-8320
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX 660 OC 2GB
Motherboard: ASRock 970FX Extreme4 AM3+ socket
Memory: Team Group 2x4GB Vulcan Series Red Dual-channel 1600MHz
Case: BitFenix Shinobi ATX White

Then from my current PC I'm going to salvage the HDD which is SATA II and the PSU which is a Chieftec CFT-650-14C.

I am currently not planning on overclocking, I might in the future once I finish off the build with an SSD and a AverMedia Live gamer HD card as well as an extra HDD as my current one is just 500GB.

I am going to use this PC for gaming as well as recording and video editing. Mostly games such as League of Legends, Starcraft II, MMO's and maybe some games like Skyrim/GTA and FPS games here and there.

I've read up on these parts somewhat and as far as I know these are all compatible and should work, ut as it is my first time building a PC I just wanted to come here and ask so I can be certain and not waste any money on buying the wrong parts.

So if there are any issues with this setup, I would like to know it! If you have ideas for upgrades with parts that shouldn't be much more expensive, I'll take a look in to them but I will be buying these parts off of Finnish websites so the prices may vary quite a lot compared to sites like newegg or amazon.

Also, while it probably is apparent in the parts I have chosen, I'll say it anyway. I am running on a rather tight budget, this setup is pretty close to the ceiling of my price range. The SSD, extra HDD and the Avermedia card are not a part of the price range as they will be bought later.
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  1. If you really are going to be doing video editing, I would recommend getting an Intel processor.
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    I would like to get Intel yes, but I'm running on a budget. From what I've looked around, the AMD parts are really good for their low price, so I've chosen to stick with them. Also if I remember correctly some benchmark test I looked at rated the FX-8320 as a better choice than a 3570k for most things I need.

    If I were to choose Intel for my CPU I would have to put in an extra 150€ to the PC and unfortunately I do not have that kind of money to spare.
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