Is my graphics card enough to play these games?

So I just got a dell xps 8700, and it comes with a GTX 660 1.5gb, and I wanted to play games like Battlefield 3, AC 3, DayZ, Crysis 3, and Far Cry 3.

So, my question is, is my graphics card good enough to play these games at least on medium-high
settings with at least 45 fps? Or should I buy another Graphics card?
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  1. I think you would be able to play most of these games on medium or lower. Crysis 3 is super hard on your GPU. I would look into upgrade your card. But you can check and see here if that GPU will run those games.
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    It will run them, not sure if at max settings, but definitely more than medium... you can search on youtube how an specific game will perform on your platform, you will most likely find somebody with specs similar to yours that's showing a game that interests you.
  3. Though you wont be "Maxing" all of those titles...the 660 should give you what youre looking for. Play with it for a while, and if you need/want more frames...SLI (if board permits) or buy a new card.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, In less than half-an hour I got answers, nice, back to the card, Im probably going to upgrade to a better one, thanks y'all
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