Help: Base System Device missing, can't find the drivers


When I go to device manager, there is a problem with the Other Devices->Base system Device. It's a code 28, which means it misses some drivers. The problem is, I don't know which one.

There is a whole list of these Base System Device warnings, al with the 8086 code.

I checked the pcidatabse and it says 8086 is from Intel. But how do I know which driver I have to install?

I'm on W7, AsusP9X79 Pro, Intel 4930k, 32gb ram. Today I got a BSOD I think it has something to do with those drivers.
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    Go to the Web site for the mobo, here:

    Download the latest drivers, save to disk, then install from your hard drive
  2. Thanks, I had to install the newest beta version of a new chipset driver.

    Now I hope this was the cause of the bsod and it is fixed now. Thanks! :)
  3. No problem, glad all is well ;)
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