Best moment to buy affordable gaming computer

Hello, the question is when prices fall and can get better products (not latest release) for less money.

I guess when manufacturers release a new generation of hardware, lower prices of old products without being obsolete yet. Is it right?.

I want to know because I want to upgrade my system, at first I was going to buy a GTX630, but I think it is not worth it and it is best to update my computer (motherboard, cpu, memory, case, graphic card). With a budget of € 500 - $ 679, and I want to know which is the best time to do it.

My current system:

CPU Type DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2600 MHz (13 x 200) 5200+
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 (2 PCI, 3 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)
Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce 570 SLI, AMD Hammer
System Memory 3072 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)
DIMM1: Kingston 2 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (6-6-6-18 @ 400 MHz) (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)
DIMM3: MDT MDT 1GB DDR2-80 1 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (6-5-5-18 @ 400 MHz) (5-5-5-18 @ 400 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
Monitor Acer AL1917 [19" LCD] (ETL5309120)

Power 450W

Best a upgrade, not?

Regards & thanks.
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    Yeah, this is the big question everyone would like to know the answer. The answer is, there is always something better, faster, cheaper coming in 2 months. Only you can really decide when you need to just do it.
  2. PS, yes you need a platform upgrade. I would not spend more money on what you have now.
  3. I agree with jitpublisher, I suggest a platform upgrade.

    Looking at your specs I'm guessing your system is about 3 - 4 years old. If you choose to upgrade, do some shopping around; there are lots of great components at affordable prices. I just found this CPU+Mobo bundle at Newegg, take a look: (this combo is ideal for gaming, but it should give you a good idea).

    PSUs should run you about $60 to $70, and memory, about $60 to $80 (depending on the capacity and brand name).

    By the way, check out it's a great site for researching components, prices and compatibility.

    Good luck :-)

  4. Now i see how are lowing prices in graphics cards in my country.

    May be to february the upgrade.

    Warsam71, You recomend me a combo with AMD processor, its more cheap, but i read that intel work best to games because games dont use more of 4 cores, and without overclocking was best are choise, but are more expensives.
    I have in my mind a i5 3570, but i ask again in february.
    Aerocool V3x Advance Black Edition case, support gtx660, 760 & ati equivalents graphic cards?

    Thanks by answers guys, this is a good place to learn.
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