Graphics Card best one to get AMD or NVIDIA $650 to $700 Price range

Am looking for what is best to get for gaming in graphics card i want to be able to run bf 4 in ultra and i want to be able to utilize the full potential of emb mods for skyrim which are said to work better with nivida and would like to now what you all think i should do (I will also be multitasking such as video editing
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  1. I think both the GTX 780 and HD7990 may fall into that category pricewise. Both are beasts in my opinion.
  2. I would personally suggest waiting for the R9-290 to launch and see how that looks.
  3. I would personally suggest waiting for the R9-290 to launch and see how that looks.
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    For that price range you have 3 options:

    On nvidia side you have the GTX780 and o AMD side you have both the HD7990 and the upcoming R9 290X.

    On raw power the 7990 is the winner but as it is a multi gpu solution it can suffer from issues like stuttering, you may want to check reviews of the games you're interested to see how it behaves.

    On the single GPU solutions, the R9 290X is supposed to be on par with the Titan, but as it is not released yet we have that for certain, although we do know for a fact that the GTX 780 is a monster and will most likely max everything.

    TL;DR: Get the 7990 after checking the titles you're interested works fine, otherwise, get the 780.
  5. I agree with smeeze. Wait for the R9 290x card to come out and see what thats like. But if you cant wait, its a battle between the GTX 780 And AMD 7990. I am not a fanboy of either, i get whichever is better so this opinion is true....This is amazing assuming you already have 700$, Save up 29$ more.

    This is still good but the 7990 has a higher clock speed, 3GB more memory! and it has 4096 (2048 x 2) Stream Processors while the 760 has 2304 CUDA Cores
    ..... also the 7990 has 384-bit x2 and the 780 just has 384bit. 7990 pci E x 16, 780 HAS PCI 3.0...

    So yep...Get this :)
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