i sent my laptop to toshiba and it has been 13 days and no updates

i sent my laptop to toshiba for repairing on the 29/09/13 and i am still waiting for an update all they leave me with is

25.09.2013 17:55 Announced
25.09.2013 18:00 Service Case Exported
25.09.2013 18:00 Service Case Received
27.09.2013 07:06 Pickup
29.09.2013 13:50 Received
07.10.2013 10:37 In Process
07.10.2013 10:55 Require Info - No reason available
14.10.2013 10:51 In Process
14.10.2013 10:54 Require Info - No reason available
Any Advice Would Be Helpful. Thanks
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  1. What advice are you looking for other than wait until they send you an update on your laptop. No one here can predict when it will be or anything heh. Just be patient, call them, thats about all ya can do.
  2. Just a little heads up I had to send my toshiba laptop in twice for the same issue and both times they sort of ran it through their mill giving me a bs excuse and that it was fixed even though I suspect they never touched the thing. So I still have that laptop with issues and now it's out of the warranty period, so don't expect to actually have your issues fixed because Toshiba is plain lazy.
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