AHCI Mode in Bios (installed Windows in IDE mode)

Hi everyone,

When I installed windows on my new hard drive, I installed it with the controller in ide mode.
Not really much of a problem, but, I have the urge (:)) to change to ahci mode for NCQ on my new drive.
These are my three drives :
St2000DM001 Seagate
ST31000528as Seagate
WDC WD153AA-53Baa0

Obviously, the last one is quite old and doesn't support ahci. It's connected to my mobo ( asus m4a87td/usb3 ) via the ide controller on the mobo, not sata of course.

The first hdd is plugged into sata 3 and the other sata 6, so I have the option of enabling ahci on the first hdd that I use for windows or both. Enabling ahci shouldn't affect the oldest hdd, correct?

I'm going to use the registry fix, of course.
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  1. Hi, I guess that you've already switched to AHCI. Did the registry fix work?
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