Help: Computer turns on, no keyboard/mouse/monitor reaction, no beeps on start-up.

So today after a weekend away, I came home and booted up my computer. It seemed to be normal and let me log in, but about a minute after bringing up the desktop, I got a blue screen. Restarting the computer, I launched it as normal (instead of safe /safe with cmd prompt/etc). The loading bar at the bottom showed up faintly and the computer froze.

Now, trying to boot up the PC gives no beeps, just fans whirring. The mouse and keyboard do not light up and the monitor (multiple monitors tried) dont show anything. All the fans are running including the ones on the graphics card and the Processor heatsink. I'm thinking the problem is the motherboard, but I'm wondering what people who actually know stuff about computers think.

Quick note, I've been having a few issues with various things since two weeks ago when, in an unfortunate series of events, a glass of water was poured into my tower. After letting things dry out and clearing a ton of dust away from the processor and its heatsink, the computer seemed to be running fine with no issues or overheating. It was only after being shut down for ~3 days that the computer had these most recent issues.

And help would be appreciated.
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  1. Probably a water damaged motherboard by the way it sounds. If it turns on then your power supply is good...but as far as the mouse, keyboard, and monitor go, that is pointing to a motherboard, what kind of processor do you have again?
  2. AMD Phenom II X4 925 is my processor.

    And do you think it would be water damaged if it ran for ~2 weeks after the incident without any motherboard related issues popping up?
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    Could be...water has a funny effect on electronics, I have phones dropped in the lake (not very deep) let it dry out and it worked fine for the next 7 months until I started having weird problems with it could be either suggestion would be to replace the processor and motherboard....phenom II x4's are getting a little dated anyways....still an amazing processor tho.
  4. I've not really got to much money for repairs at the moment, so if it doesn't seem like a processor issue , I'd rather not drop money on a new one. I was just wondering if there was anything that would be causing this aside from a shot motherboard
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