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Okay I have a i7 3820 right now and its a LGA 2011 socket, this is my first ever intel build cause I am normally a AMD kind of person, however I am a streamer and youtuber, and was wondering in a few years (like 1-3) when I feel I need more juice out of a processor can I upgrade to the 3930k without have to buy a new motherboard? Cause it is a 2011 socket as well just not sure, Thanks in advance! Or should I just buy a new motherboard and proccessor bundle when they release the newer versions
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    its hard to tell, in 3 year we could have 16 core cpus from intel (or not). with DDR4 coming up and new USB protocol , PCie4 etc etc, I would recommend you upgrade in the next few years, as opposed to buy a better cpu for a old, and outdated motherboard.
  2. i've read a few articles and watch some videos that says that amd's fx8350 competes if not wins vs the high end i7's in streaming. maybe you should have stuck being an AMD person eh? could have saved you a lot of cash.
  3. Every 3 years you should upgrade your computer to keep up with the latest games and programs the utilize them.
  4. Sadly, this isn't really a question that can be answered without insider knowledge at Intel.
    Although you might be able to upgrade in a year (assuming Haswell-E uses 2011), after that it a whole different thing. As others have mention, there are also new standards being introduced for PCI, RAM, SATA, USB ETC.
    Both the 3820 and the 3930k should work on the same motherboard as they both use the X79 chipset.
  5. To answer your question, yes you can upgrade to any of the current intel 6 core cpus without having to change mobos. And since intel's extreme cpus are always one generation behind, you'll know that the NEXT gen extremes probably won't fit since they will be Haswell.
    Still, a 4960X will be a hell of an upgrade even 4 years from now.
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