AMD A10 vs Haswell i3 for HTPC

I have roughly $200 to spend on cpu + motherboard + graphics.

Need opinions on the best way to go.

This is basically going to be a HTPC/server.

I do not game, but I want it to dominate all media playback (3D, bluray, 1080p avi, mkv, dixv, etc...)

I already have-

Cooler Master N200 microATX case
Cooler Master GX 450w psu
G.Skill Ares 2x4GB 1866mhz ddr3 RAM
Samsung 830 64GB ssd for Windows 7 ultimate
2x2TB internal HDD data storage

I would prefer not to use a discrete graphics card if possible, but won't rule it out if it makes sense.

My top choices would be any of the 5 AMD A10s because of their powerful igpu or any of the 5 Haswell I3s with their HD 4400 or 4600.

I prefer to stay away from the 100w A10s but their 65w counterpart is around the same price :/

A10-5800k and A10-6800k are both 100w
A10-5700 and A10-6700 are both 65w
A10 6700t is 45w but hard to find and about $10-15 more.

i3-4130, 4330, and 4340 are 54w
i3-4130t and 4330t are both 35w

I know the i3s are far superior in single threaded tasks but the AMDs are at least competitive overall on the cpu side and they destroy the i3s on the gpu side, but at a higher power level.

A10 5xxxs are $120ish each
A10 6xxxs are $140ish each
i3 4130 is $120ish
i3 4130t is $130ish
i3 4330 is $140ish
i3 4340 is $150ish

The A10 6700 is what I want the most but I can't bring myself to get it over the similarly priced 6800k.

It almost comes down between the A10 6800k and the i3 4330.

What do you guys think?
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  1. I would say the AMD. Its powerfull on the GPU part and almost equal on the CPU part.
    The TPD is more or less the minus.

    Here is something to help you chose. Be aware that I3 have 4MB L2. Not 1 as the page say.
  2. If you don't want a discrete graphics card isn't the answer obvious. The A10 has a powerful enough graphics chip built into it to handle videos right off the bat. You can even do some light gaming if you ever decided to. Also your 1866mhz memory will supply it with nice bandwidth making it that much better. Just get the 6800K and the best motherboard you can find that stays within your budget
  3. having a nice igpu is really great if you are not gonna buy a discrete one. the i3's igpu should suffice for most of your basic media needs but the a10 at least allows you to actually game on it decently (even if you say you won't, down the line you *might* wanna sit on the couch and pop in a game or two).
  4. I thought Intel's HD 4600 would handle just about all HTPC needs too though. Right?
    Also, I figured the 4600 would still benefit from 1866mhz ram even though the i3 doesn't officially support it.

    Anyway, if the A10 is the answer, which one? Are the Richlands worth the $20ish premium over the Trinitys? Do I go for the 65w one or the 100w k model. I was thinking a 100w cpu may be too hot and too loud for HTPC? My case will have excellent air flow so I guess heat will not be a problem anyway.
  5. I would say go with the 5700
  6. Best answer
    just buy a good silent aftermarket cooler for the a10 + a sound dampening case and those troubles will go away. the i3 will handle your most basic needs, just don't ask miracles out of it. an htpc should be versatile and not just a one trick pony. its meant to replace a lot of things in your living room - including consoles.
  7. The A10 is more then suitable for you htpc needs.
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