2x GTX 770 4GB vs. 3x 760 4GB

Hey Guys!

I'm building a system for Gaming, Gameplay Capturing, and HD Video Editing, with an i7 4770k and either a ASUS Maximus VI Hero/Formula or that SuperMicro Z87 Board. I'll be running 3 monitors (Dell 1080p 60Hz) and wanted to know what would be best for me (title). Should I get 2 GTX 770s or 3 GTX 760s (the 800 series equivalent because it'll be awhile until I build this beast!).

Thanks Guys!
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  1. I'd say go with the 2 GTX 770s if only for the lower power usage and heat. 2 GTX 760s are more powerful than a titan so 2 770s should be all the power you'd realistically ever need.
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    Two GTX 770. Should be plenty. Scaling is likely better than a Tri-SLI. Also less heat, less compatibility issues, and less weight.
  3. Go with 2 770 because it has enough powoer to run most games on highsettings and have great videos
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