Need help for new psu.

I'm looking for a new psu for my pc.

Corsair RM 750w
XFX Black 750w
Seasonic X-serie 750w
(They are 5 y. warranty in my country.)

my spec.
CPU : i7 4770
MB : ASUS H87-plus
VGA : GB GTX 770 2GB
RAM : Kingston HyperX DDR3 4GB*2
HDD : WD Blue 1TB.
PSU : GW 600W
CPU-Sink : CM V4 GTS
Case Fan : CM SickleFlowX Red LED 120*3 + CM Megaflow 200mm + Termalright Xsilent 120mm + CM 80mm

If i'm going to SLI my gpu in the future, would the 750w psu is enough? (770*770+new MB)
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  1. A quality 750W PSU should be sufficient. Out of the three options that you listed, I pick Seasonic, who is arguably the best PSU OEM in the market today. XFX is also good because their OEM is Seasonic.
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    The Seasonic X and the XFX are the same unit internally so go with the cheaper of the 2. Seasonic makes all XFX power supplies. The Corsair RM is likely a very good unit as well but the Seasonic X is about the best series on the market right now.

    For GTX 770 Sli 850 watts is recommended.
  3. Thanks for answer.

    the pice of xfx 850w black is lower than Seasonic x-serie 750w in my country.
    Therefore I'm going for xfx 850w black for future sli.
  4. Yeah the XFX units are generally the cheapest way to get Seasonic quality everywhere. Here in the US the XFX is about $110 and the Seasonic brand is $160.

    Glad to help! :)
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