I5 4670 vs i5 4670k

Why do people reccomnd the i5 4670k more then the i5 4670?
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  1. the k means unlocked multiplier, if your going to overclock get 4670k if not get the non k version, but most if not all people are going to tell you to get the 4670k, and I recommend it too, you will love it.
  2. i5 4670K: The K signifies that the CPU is capable of overclocking.

    i5 4670: The "non K model" represents the CPU alone and is not capable of Overclocking.

    Overclockable CPUs are usually recommended to gamers, enthusiasts, or the people that feel they need the extra performance. It's usually a issue that involves a better Value CPU.
  3. *oops double post*
  4. If i didnt over clock the i5 4670k will it still play like a i5 4670?
  5. yes the 4670k not overclocked would perform/play the same as 4670
  6. sheratchet said:
    If i didnt over clock the i5 4670k will it still play like a i5 4670?

    Yes it would! :D
  7. will it increase game play of how it looks?
  8. General consensus, Yes. But it primarily depends on what graphics card you have, and what CPU you currently have, you may be able to turn up more settings and notice a difference. What is your current graphics card?
  9. When the 4670k is not overclocked it with play like the 4670, but when overclocked it will player better the 4670 plus if you have a decent graphics card it will do what ever you want to do with it.
  10. im choosing between a gtx 770 2gb vs a 7950 3gb
  11. gtx 770 will beat the 7950 in everything.
  12. so gtx 770 with a i5 4670 is good?
  13. sheratchet said:
    so gtx 770 with a i5 4670 is good?

    Get a R9 280X. It'll kill the GTX 770 at a even better price point. Lol.
  14. would u think it will fit in my mother board?
    MSI H87M-G43 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
  15. Yes, any modern GPU would fit onto that board. The real question is, how big is your case, or what case are you using?
  16. im going to be using a corsair 300r atx mid tower
  17. Best answer
    Oh yeah! Lol, you'll be able to fit a Beefy GPU in there! Have fun with your new rig! Also, I believe the r9 280X can run in crossfire with not only another r9 280X, but a HD 7970. So later down the road, if you want a second GPU and AMD works out the kinks in their drivers, you could save yourself a good bundle on a second GPU.
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