Help me Guys i am totally confused.......

I am struck with two graphics card help me which one is better,

Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7770 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card.

XFX ATI Radeon R 7770 Core Edition 1 GB DDR5 Graphics Card.

first need to know which one should i buy then if u guys have better card option than this two please suggest me i am low in budget so less than Rs.9000 or Rs.8000 or below also will do it.

My system Configuration,

CPU - AMD A4-4000 Processor

Mother board - ECS A55F2-M3

Ram - 4gb

Hard Disk - 500gb

Current graphic card - Zotac 9500 GT
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  1. they performs exactly the same

    so pick the cheapest and better after sales in India
  2. the second card is a newer gpu with the faster core.
  3. Best answer
    Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7770 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

    this is the better of the 2 cards ddr is slower then gddr be sure to always get gddr card on any purchase hope this helps dont let a few dollars change your mind.
  4. Wow price over there is high compared to us the GDDR card is the better one tho read around good luck.
  5. Ok sapphire it is now bro will 450wats spu will be enough ?????? or more needed....
  6. 450 watt good power supply should surfice remember buy the Gddr card the DDR2 CARD IS going to be a slower card dont let a few dollars change your mind.
  7. 450 should be fine with one gpu if you want get a faster one latter bump it up to a 650w unit.
  8. ty man
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