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Is it recommended removing the motherboard from the case when swapping CPUs? Or does it really not matter and I can just do it with the motherboard screwed in the case?

Thank you!
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  1. You can leave the motherboard intact, sure. You can remove it, but either way, just keep the motherboard and yourself still and static-free. Be careful is what I am saying. Don't force anything.
  2. I say it depends on what cooler your using. If the cooler your using has the Intel push pin style adapters then I would take it out unless your case has a CPU cut out in the back.
  3. Its better to open the motherboard or to open other side of the cabinet panel.

    Well if its a old 775 socket then you can fit it with thumb pushing, if it has screws you need to open it.
  4. What socket is it? Use Cpu-Z to tell us, that is if it still runs

    And does the case have cpu cutout? What kind of heat sink is in the way?

    You may have to run the system awhile to make the thermal paste let go. Turn it off after it has ran awhile and take off the side panel.

    Touch your power supply with it plugged in and off to ground yourself.

    then remove the heat sink, on all cpu sockets I have ran into there is always a retention lever. Undo the retention lever all the way and gently remove the cpu straight out. Do not set the cpu on its pins.

    If you have another cpu you are upgrading to, wait until it gets there so you will have a container to store that old cpu in.
  5. If you have a aftermarket cooler on it that requires you to remove it to upgrade the cpu yes you should remove it if your back panel dont allow you to do so if not leave it in the case you be fine just unplug your power cable push the power button to remove any juice and upgrade. hope this helps.
  6. The motherboard I am replacing the CPU on is a ASUS M4A87TD EVO AM3 in a Antec 900 case. The CPU is a 955 BE Phenom x2 with stock heatsink. I just don't want to have to remove the motherboard from the case while replacing the CPU if I don't have to. Anything to add/update with these details?

    Also, could you elaborate with
    Touch your power supply with it plugged in and off to ground yourself.
    ? Do you mean keep the PSU connected with power but switched off?

    Thanks either way with the speedy replies.
  7. you wont have to remove the mother board
    just unplug the cord to the back of our pc then push the power button to drain all the rest of the power out of your systen grab a metal part of the case to ground yourself and remove the cpu if you dont know how to do this look at youtube vids its really easy also make should you have new thermal paste for the new cpu unless your using the factory paste
    hope this helps.
  8. Sorry I was not clear.
    Leave the psu plugged in. Turn off the psu. Switch it off. Keep the psu plugged in. Touch the psu to ground yourself.

    YOu don't have to remove the motherboard, just undo the retention arm after you remove the heat sink. And you can easily and with no force remove the cpu.
  9. To prevent any errors I would suggest he unplug the cord to the power supply he may move or bump the switch while changing the cpu this is always best way to ensure of shock and failure to yourself or system. never can be too safe.
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