pls help me to choose among these lapy

Hey guys i need a laptop in 42k around...these are some i short listed pls help with reasons..i wil be playing games like bf3 and programing and projects..,COMDG8SUNGEHGZFG,COMDZ7HE9R7TNGBR,COMDHZ74QBWHCMZF
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  1. This one is better of those four : HP Pavilion G6-2312AX

    You won't be able to play at max but near to medium at 40~55 fps.

    Flipkart has increased price a lot.
    Try buying from a local vendor, you can bargain and save some money to get some peripherals.
  2. Nah..that is far what i wanted..take a look at hp pavilion e 15- 0016tx..pls tel any other option also...i m geting it at 42.5 from local ...why z500 is not gud can u tel me
  3. There isn't a very huge difference between both HP laptops you chose but,

    I considered these features :

    1.CPU : The AMD 4600M is slightly better than the 4655M.

    4600 has 2.3 ghz clock speed while 4655 M 2 Ghz
    Source :

    2. GPU : Radeon 7670M is better than 8670M

    Reasons :

    3. Other :

    a. G6-2312AX has 2 battery cells more and also larger power input.

    b. It looks better than pavilion 15.

    c. It has got good reviews too.

    Only the system memory G6 is 4Gb you can upgrade to another 4GB take a look at these 2 :



    ***Final choice is your's you can get either of them there will be no much difference but still considering everything HP Pavilion G6-2312AX is good:)

    Good luck
  4. Some guy's review regarding Z500 :

    who should not buy:

    1) who are looking forward to remove their batteries and just plug it in and run.
    the batteries are non removable.. although there is settings to lock the battery charge at 60 percent and then it will run directly on AC current, Is not a problem for me.

    2) are looking forward for lan gaming and lot of typing...
    the keyboard is very delicate.. i feel the keys are too good but they need to be taken care of..
    There are shortcuts for everything , the navigation keys are same as a standard keyboard unlike nowadays where they shrink stuff, overall it does the job for me.

    3) the display is great and viewing angles are good.. but i can see the pixels.. maybe i'm accustomed to 1080p monitors .. but anyway i wont complain.. overall its great.

    4) The lid .. overall the whole laptop outer shell is a fingerprint magnet... it catches fingerprints easily and needs wiping now and then. Not a issue for me given that the internal gunmetal shade and looks steal the show.

    Also :

    1. Only one 3.0 USB port and 2.0 USB
    2. Speakers in the bottom
    3. No back lit keyboard.
  5. Thanks for your valuable time...just last ques. Take a look at these two final choices of mine.z500 has backup of 2 hr some ppl are saying on there complain site.also it has no click mouse pad.pls choose 1 and i wil buy tomorow..z500 has 740m 1gb..whike this one has 7670 ati 2gb.
  6. If you're considering those two laptops then lenovo ideapad is better.


    1.Don't get lured by the 2GB memory specifications.You'll be only needing it if you're playing in a larger screen and 1GB is just enough for the laptop.

    Radeon HD 8670M vs GeForce GT 740M

    2.The intel processor of this laptop is better than all others.

    Lenovo Ideapad Z500.


    HP Pavilion 15-E016TX.

    But there are small cons such as :

    1.Doesn't look good . Try getting the black color version of ideapad if the vendor has it.

    2.Lesser ports. You'll need to get extensions like these :

    and lot others as i mentioned earlier.

    Anyway, of those two laptops you mentioned ideapad is good :)
  7. But both of them have same processor...i5 3230m...
    Also graphic crd in hp is 8670m 2gb not 7670...
    Can i play bf3 etc
  8. Best answer
    1 GB or 2GB, how does it matter :

    For a single 1080p monitor, you do not need more than 1GB of memory on your video card. There are only a couple of games that could potentially use more than 1GB at 1080p (Crysis 2, Metro 2033, Grand Theft Auto IV), but those games aside from possibly Grand Theft Auto IV will be bottlenecked by the speed of any given GPU before the amount of RAM becomes an issue. These games would only run over 1GB when run on maximum settings, with very high Anti-Aliasing. In the case of Crysis and Metro, there is no single GPU that can do that. GTA IV is just so poorly coded that it requires something like 1.4GB of video RAM in order to run maxed out.

    For now 1GB is enough, only go for 2GB if you plan on gaming across multiple monitors, or you intend to keep your card for a very long time, in which case 2GB might be a little more "futureproof", though by the time games routinely start using more than 1GB at 1080p, most current cards would probably be obsolete.

    Reasons why you should go for Nvidia 740M

    Higher memory bandwidth 28.8 GB/s vs 14.4 GB/s 2x higher memory bandwidth
    Better 3DMark06 score 1,873 vs 1,107.5 Around 70% better 3DMark06 score
    Better 3DMark vantage graphics score 5,599 vs 3,384.5 More than 65% better 3DMark vantage graphics score
    Slightly higher clock speed 810 MHz vs 775 MHz Around 5% higher clock speed
    More render output processors 16 vs 8 Twice as many render output processors
    Higher texture rate 25.9 GTexel/s vs 18.6 GTexel/s Around 40% higher texture rate
    Wider memory bus 128 bit vs 64 bit 2x wider memory bus
    Slightly more texture mapping units 32 vs 24 8 more texture mapping units
    Slightly higher BioShock infinite framerate9.2 fps vs 5.49 fps Around 70% higher BioShock infinite framerate

    I think due to some reasons you really like that HP pavillion if you do so just get it, There's no much difference:)

    Check both of those GPU's you'll find the answer for yourself:)

    You'll be able to play BF3 in medium or near high :
  10. Thanks this is realy nice work u guys r doing...
    I choose hp
    Becoz i am inclined more towards ofice work than i need batry backup and display..lenovo is gud too and better for gaming...hp is giving gud offer than dell...else i have chosen del 15r 5521..gud bye
  11. Always welcomed:)
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