Hard drive partition deleted, windows installed then deleted, data coverable?

I have 2 hard drives in my system. 1 ssd drive for the operating system and a 1tb drive for storage. During the course of a cover-up (damn kids), both drives had their partitions deleted. Windows was then installed on the storage drive. When he noticed his mistake, he deleted the storage drive partition again and installed windows on the system drive. The drives were no formatted at any time but windows was installed on the drive that I want to recover the data from. Is this possible? Or am I pissing in the wind? Thanks from a frustrated dad.
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  1. I very much doubt that you'll be able to recover all the data, but some of it perhaps. You will have to install file recovery software to find out. Free ones here: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/filerecovery/tp/free-file-recovery-programs.htm

    This one isn't free but is known to recover files where other similar software has failed.
    Zero Assumption Recovery: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/

    Tip: don't install the recovery software on the drive you want to recover files from, otherwise even more data will be overwritten.
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