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Graphic Cards are distributed by different manufactures like ASUS,GIGABYTE,Sapphire,PowerColor,MSI,HIS,GainWard..........etc.While Choosing a particular model graphic card(it may be from either Nvidia or AMD/ATI Radeon)different manufacturers have different pricing for the same card and its specifications.Does the branding of manufactures should be kept in mind while choosing a graphic card or not? Does it really matter while picking up a card? If so what are the best and trusted brands?
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    Brand matters a lot. Sapphire is an AMD Exclusive whereas EVGA is a Nvidia exclusive. These two along with, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI are your big time and most trusted brands. I have also heard good things from HIS and PowerColor, but they are more of a budget/cheap end manufacturer. The first 5 I named are great all around cards. Performance and cooling are excellent. On the AMD End, Sapphire typically appeal to the overclocking market due to their overclockability (Unlocked Voltages). Other than that, all the Brands are appealing to the whole market. It really depends on how quiet, the price, and the looks of the card you're looking for.
  2. This mostly comes down to local support. Do a bit of research at your local computer store to find out which brand carries the best support for warranty (very important for RMA process, should your card be defective or stops working during warranty period). For example, some places of the world had terrible support for ASUS, while others are quite good, whereas Gigabyte has less end-user support per region, but a much better rate of RMA success in Canada.

    Beyond that, ASUS offers the most customized designs, Gigabyte is usually the cheaper brand out of the big three (Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI), and MSI is somewhere in between ASUS and Gigabyte. Some of the brands (PowerColor, Club3D, VTX) are all owned by TUL and their cards are identical between those brands. Other niche manufacturers like HIS tries to offer a better cooling solution with or without customized PCBs. GainWard isn't really active globally. Sapphire is an odd duck, they offer some cards similar to Gigabyte, in price and in design.

    I'm not sure about a MOST trusted brand, I guess it depends on the Nvidia-AMD divide you choose. For AMD cards, ASUS, MSI, and then Sapphire are all commonly used cards. The MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte fans seem to last longer than Sapphire ones. The warranty period is 3 years for a few brands like ASUS/Gigabyte/MSI, and 2 years (in most places of the world) for PowerColor/VTX/Club3D. If you land on the Nvidia side, the same brands apply, but there is additionally EVGA (which may or may not provide good support depending on where you live).
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