CPU Fan run in full speed

HP Compaq dc7800 small form factor
I have a problem with the CPU Fan it running in full speed all the time ...
I read that I Should update my bios I do that but nothing happened
I cleaned the fan and nothing happened
I changed the fan with a new one and nothing happened
I try with SpeedFan but it can't detect the fan ...
so please where is the problem in this case !!!!
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  1. Does Speedfan show your CPU temperatures? If so, what are they?

  2. Yes it shows CPU temperatures, but in : configuration -> fans I can't see any fan !!!
  3. Programs like Speedfan seem to have trouble with detecting fans, and sometimes even temperatures, on preassembled computers, like your HP/Compaq or my Dell laptop.

    However, my concern is whether your computer is just dealing with a software issue and the fan running at full speed is a symptom, or whether it thinks it is (or may even actually be) overheating, which will also run the fan at full speed.

    Let's just play it safe and make sure first.

  4. For the Second concern there isn't any overheatingة CPU Usage doesn't use more than 30% for the most time.
    For the first concern maybe true, but how I can know who's causing the fan trouble ?!

    is reinstalling the OS can help ?
    Note: when I boot from ‘buntu live CD the problem still Exists !!!
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