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I got an Asus 1015CX Netbook. I really want to upgrade it to Windows 8. But I'm just disappointed about it having no driver for Windows 8,even in the Asus support website.So,what can I do? Any suggestions? Or will I have to stay with the Win7?
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  1. You can try installing Windows 8 (just make sure you have recovery media prepared in case you have to revert to Windows 7). You can then try Win7 drivers for devices which are not discovered by Win8.

    But if you ask me - stick with what you got. Netbooks were cool couple of years ago, and I don't expect Asus (or anone else) updating the drivers for Windows 8.
  2. Actually,I did that once,unknowingly.I installed windows 8 and found that there were something bothering my system,and then,I happened to realise it was the drivers,and on searching for the drivers,I found nothing,which forced me to revert back to Win7. Though,I didn't look deep into the driver issue in Win8,and suddenly reverted things back to normal,coz I was scared back then,for the Netbook was new one LOL :D . Anyway,there's no alternative,is there?
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    If Asus do not release Win 8 drivers, then yes, you are stuck with Win 7.
  4. Okay....That's disappointing,
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