Cooling for radeon sapphire 7770 hd ghz edition

If I put one of these two fans on would it improve its performance of my radeon hd 7770 and reduce flickering when the memory clock is set higher?.
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  1. Your links seem to be broken.

    The memory is NOT cooled on the stock version of that card. You should not push it to the point of flickering as extended use in that manor may damage it.

    Coolers with memory heatsinks may or may not help. Some memory just can not pass a certain point and no amount cooling will help(its like a cpu no 2 chips are 100% the same). a small voltage bump can, but that also increases heat and may require a card mod.

    When all is said and done(price of the card and an aftermarket cooler). It would have been better to just get the next card up.
  2. Unlikely it will help. This issue is usually not heat related but a lack of voltage. Like nukemaster said you may have hit a wall. If you are thinking about spending $60 on a cooler why not get a second 7700 for $40 more and crossfire them?
  3. hi this is my card here its got cooling already, and if i new it'd be better paying more i would have but got the card now so thought i may asell try making it perform better

    as for overclocking i havnt put the frequencies up at all it just flickers on the videos in games normally but during gameplay its not to bad, just woundered if putting a better fan on might help and here the links again for them fans.
  4. and i cant crossfire either cause my motherboard only has 1 pci x16 slot available :(
  5. Your card has cooling(for the cpu and even voltage regulators on most cases), but the memory is passively cooled(no heatsinks).

    Can you get any images of this flickering.

    The mono is actually quite a big cooler.

    If your card is not overheating(I do not think it is), I do not see a reason to change the cooler.

    So you have not changed the memory frequency?
  6. Yeh I've got trix the memory clocks currently at 1125 and thats it default GPU clocks at 1000 and the VDDC is at 1175. The card came fitted with a circular heat sink on it to aswell as the fan you cant see it from them pics but before i installed it could clearly see the heatsink there to. The image mainly flickers when its a video on a game when it moves left to right thats on grid 2 or when i crash the car, its even more noticeable on battlefield 3. I can print the screen and send you an image if that helps?
  7. i mean its not like its that bad i cant play the game its just it'd be good if i could get rid of it somehow just becomes an irritation more than anything after a while if u get me, its not drasticaly bad but enough to piss you off lol
  8. I am not denying the card has a heatsink btw. If it did not it would roast in seconds. I am saying it needs one for the GPU(red), but NOT the memory(blue).

    I do not think extra cooling will help it.

    A screen shot of what you are seeing may help us see if it is normal.
  9. ah i get you now, and i tried printing screen but it happens so fast when i do it it comes out like normal on the pic, it just looks like a thin line on say a building when i turn the car and the graphics go slightly out of line if you get me then they go back quickly
  10. its not like a flicker on the whole screen its more like on the graphics themselves, i am using a tv screen but it is a hd one and im using a hd cable to it
  11. ive just tried dishonoured and there doesnt seem to be a problem with that at all, i tried doing a print screen in f1 2013 cause it does it most on that but it come out black im afraid, do you recon i should try reducing the graphics its mainly only in videos part from grid 2 where it does it a little in game play but not much then battle field 3 does it more, could it just be cause its a cheaper card and im expecting to much for what i paid?
  12. You may be seeing a form of aliasing.

    Some games have it more noticeable.

    While it looks like a jagged edge in an image it can look worse when moving.
  13. great it works perfect now is it also called vsync?, just on f12013 i turned vsync on and now it works great!, oh and by the way it couldnt have done any damage to my card by reducing the frequency on the memory using trix could it, just someone else told me to try that before?
  14. Best answer
    No it should have been ok. the cards also reduce the memory and clock speed at idle.

    Vsync reduces your frame rate to match what the screen can display.

    So you may have had page tearing. It would look like likes with the image above and below being slightly out of sync. so the top part of the image would be lets say a little further to the right or left.

    You can not screen capture it because the video card has in fact rendered the full thing, but had to push the next frame before the first one was fully displayed.

    An image from a YouTube Video a member had uploaded asking what it was too a while back.

    Vsync on or off will never cause a problem for the card. so use whatever looks best for you(I do NOT like page tearing, but some games I put up with it for less input lag.).
  15. ah ok i get you now thanks loads for your help much appreciated and yes its exactly like your mentioned above, so basically if the games lagging to much and you need more frame rate, putting up with the page tearing issue could be something to consider if you need smoother game play!
  16. It is actually that your video card is making frames faster than your screen can display them(and not displaying them at the right time. You can still have 60fps with page tearing on a 60hz screen).
  17. so if i invested in a better screen in the future could that help?, sorry about all the questions just im a bit of a newbie to computing
  18. im just looking at the specs on ebuyer and it meantions response time in ms, i guess from this you could work out the frequency?

    as F = 1/T

    so if it 5ms, 1/0.005 = 200Hz?
  19. Even with a better screen, at some point the video card can drive frames even faster than the fastest screens(older games can be driven that fast already).

    It is not actually an issue. Some users do not notice or are not bugged(or want to say I get XXX fps instead of I get 60 or 120 fps) by the page tear effect, while others can not stand it.
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