witch one to take?

hey guys i want to build a awesome gaming pc that would last and that would be able to play new coming games. i dont care about the price btw. i just want to know witch will be best for gaming and recording my gameplay. witch cpu would be best?
amd fx 9590
amd fx 8350
intel core i7 3770k
or if you have a better chioce let me know...i appreciate u helping me.

ps my gpu:
radeon hd 4870 x2
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  1. Doesn't matter with those GPUs. I7k if u have money for it or you live next to micro center. But any of those CPUs will do.
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    you mean "which" one to buy? lol

    if money is no object, then buy the top of the line i7 and an ASUS formula motherboard.

    i dont understand the question.... if price doesnt matter, then buy the best thing out there.

    those video cards are way behind the time... i'd upgrade those first.
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