Buy windows 8 in dec. or windows 7 and upgrade later?

Ok so I am looking at building a computer for Star Citizen (would post system requirements but at this time nothing is set in stone) I plan on building the pc in Dec (just the mb cpu, case psu ram and an optical drive. (have a graphics card now that plays what I own so I don't see the need to jump out before Maxwell (or amd's possibly quarter 1-2 2014 cards) and buy something that might be the same price and yet slightly less powerful. my only real question is since directx 11.2 is windows 8 only, and seems like one major feature is the "tile" system where the system ram can help the gpu ram greatly (according to Microsoft) should I get windows 8 right away when I buy the parts or just get windows 7. has 8 been more optimized now for gaming or is it still trash until 8.1 launches?

I hate to buy two os codes just for one box. I mean budget is tight as what is left over will go to purchasing my wife's Christmas presents and I don't want to hear you spent #$%^$#^ much on your self and didn't get me anything but a new teddy!!?!? ;) so what you guys/gals think windows 8 and suffer with it or likely have to buy it later and get 7 for now? (keep in mind this will be after dec so 8.1 windows will be out and directx 11.2 will be out, unless they are dead at launch)
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    Just wait for a week and buy a Windows 8.1 - that should solve both problems.
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