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The cursor on my Acer Aspire One laptop will sometimes jump around while I'm using it. I've googled the problem and all I've found is people having the jumping cursor while typing. My cursor jumps around while I'm trying to use the trackpad. What's weird is it only does it sometimes. At first I thought it was because I had too many programs open, but it still does it if nothing is open after turning it off and letting it rest for a bit.

I've tried cleaning the pad, I've tried turning the track pad on and off again with function-F7, I've tried restarting the computer, etc.

Has anybody encountered this problem or have any idea how to fix it? It makes clicking on small buttons and windows impossible and infuriating when it jumps to X out of a program when I was just trying to submit info.

Thank you so much!
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  1. What is the specific model of your laptop?

    My Dell Latitude D531 had the same problem with its touchpad. The problem went away when I switched to Linux, so that tells me it is software related. It is a drastic change just to fix a problem though, so I am obviously not suggesting it as a fix. However, have you tried reinstalling or upgrading the touchpad drivers?

  2. It's a 756-2623. I've debated doing that, I've had to do that with the webcam. Are these drivers available on the Acer website?
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    They should be, however if you can find the actual make and model of the touchpad, that manufacturer MAY have updated drivers for it.

    *EDIT* I did a search on Acer's website, and apparently, there were two different touchpads used on that series of laptop. Check in Device Manager for which driver is currently installed, or you may be able to use their hardware detection tool to determine which one you need.

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