Turn on button doesnt work.

Hi Its my first build so I probably have done something wrong. The turn on button on the case is not working, but the turn on button on mobo (asrock z87 extreme4) is. I turned on pc with it and everything seemed to work(all fans were working)(''seemed'' because im not sure as I think i have a faulty HDD (when i turn it on it shows reboot and select proper boot device but when I entered BiOS my motherboard recognized that the HDD is connected in the sata port.) (my HDD did drop on the table from vertical position) I have my PWRBTN# in the right slot with white wire plugged in ''ground'')

Can anyone help me in this confusing situation?

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    Test the power_on pins on your motherboard by shorting them. Just touch them both at the same time with a screwdriver to short them, and that should power your system up. If it doesn't, there is a motherboard RMA, if it does, then it's your case wires/button at fault.
  2. The pins are working, can you help me out to find out if HDD is faulty? I dont have other computer to test on.
  3. I don't quite follow you on the HDD problem. Does it already have windows installed on it? You're probably going to want to reformat it and do a fresh install. It's being seen in your bios, and ready for some windows lovin'. Set your DVD drive as first boot priority, and load windows.

    Or am I misunderstanding?
  4. Double check the case wires between the button on the case and the mobo header and the HDD LED on the case and the mobo header for that. Look at what is printed on the mobo, not what is in the manual.
  5. When I turn on computer it shows Asrock screen for a few sec and I can press F11 for boot menu and it says please select boot device (Im now wondering if thats for mobo software?) If i select HDD it says ''reboot and select proper boot device''
  6. Ok i did put in software cd in (for mobo) and it says That this model is not supported???
  7. You haven't installed windows yet, correct? If not, that's where to start. Not finding boot device doesn't mean it's not seeing your hard drive, it means it's not finding a device that has windows on it.
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