I don't understand how to update monitor driver please help

Hi, I am having issues getting Windows to recognize my Asus Asus vg248qe as anything but a generic pnp monitor. I went to the Asus website and the only so called driver they have is a Security Catalog that does nothing. There is nothing else for me to download.

Anyone know what I can do?

I also have this issue with my second monitor an Acer H236HL
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  1. Most monitors do not require a separate driver to work. If you go to the screen resolution settings, does Windows show the monitors as anything else (my desktop will show the monitor and TV I have hooked up to it with their model numbers)?

  2. It shows it as the model number for both of them.

    My only concern is when I tried googling this some people said they had the same issue. And others who have the monitor posted a solution to them which I just did not understand. Told them to download the drivers then take all these other steps in device manager. But there really are no drivers for either monitor.

    Here are the Asus drivers. All they have is an old GeForce driver for 3D and a security catalog.

    PS: The disc has a ICC profile but I have no idea what that is and don't want to touch something I don't know.
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    The ICC profile is a color adjustment for the monitor so that it more closely matches what would show up on a printed page. As you can probably guess from that, it is more important for people who are working with a lot of graphics and printouts.

    Other than the way Windows recognizes the monitors, does everything else work on them? Personally, I'd suggest leaving it alone if it works fine, but I understand it can be annoying. Windows actually does the same thing with most hard drives and CD/DVD drives. It will show the model numbers in Device Manager, but the Driver tab will show it running generic drivers.

  4. Everything seems to be working fine. I tested the 144 and 120hz settings and it looks to be good.

    You don't think I would get better quality picture if it properly recognized it? It's probably a stupid question but I am super OCD so can't help but ask.
  5. The thing is it is properly recognized. There is nothing that needs or should be done period. I have 9 Asus 27" monitors 3 on each of my rigs and they all show up as generic PNP monitors and all work correctly nothing else to be done.
  6. Thank you for your help everyone. I really wish you can pick everyone as the solution. I'll pick Casey since it was the first reply but thank you very much as well bryon.
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