Is it dangerous to oc my cpu?

Hello can i overclock my cpu?

Is it dangerous to oc my cpu? i have i7-4770k 3,5GHz. Since it's a k, should it be more safe? what if i just oc to 4,0ghz from 3,5ghz will it shorten the life of my cpu? Will i lose the warranty of the cpu?
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  1. Not really dangerous if you know what you are doing. Will it shorten its life? Perhaps. Depends on how far you take it and what cooling you have. 4 GHz is modest number should be perfectly fine, just get an aftermarket cooler, like Hyper 212+. Technically, you should loose warranty, than again, if you don't try something extreme, your cpu should be fine and you won't fry it and nobody would be able to tell that you overclocked it.
  2. I generally only OC my CPUs when they're old and start to feel slow. At that point, I don't really care if I fry em. LOL
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