Looking to sell 2 evga gtx 670 few 2g models.

Anybody know where I can sell these?
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  1. Ebay, craiglists, kijij, out of the trunk of your car?
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    Or post them here in the classifieds/deals section (no fees) just use the posting rules.
  3. I would probably give them to family members as gifts. They're very capable cards. Although, I generally tend to keep things like that and use them in other builds that I'm working on. I'm going to rebuild my fileserver and to give you an idea of how long I hold on to things, I'm going to use my old Palit GeForce 8500 GT 1GB or my PNY GeForce 8400GS PCI. It's just going to be hooked up to a 17" tube monitor. :D
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