Dell Dimension C521 Upgrade

I'm looking to build up a old PC i have, The Processor died a while back so it's been sitting in my room. I took it apart and cleaned it and looked at everything (but the processor) to see if everything with it was still fine.
It is.

My idea's on what to buy for it was:
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 64 6000+ 3.0GHz
RAM:4x1gb RAM (wich ever i could find available for it right now)
Graphics Card: Radeon 6450

That's the most i can think of right now, But i'm theres more space i could work with. That's where you come in the play of answering my question!

Before you say (Just buy a new PC!) Like most childish people say without putting an actual thought to my question, This pc is for Entry level. Nothing more. Games starting from
Counter Strike 1.6, CS:S to CoD 4. Nothing more of expected.
I'm a classic FPS kinda guy (:

Now set aside the Pre Info so you guys
Don't know exactly what i'm talking about.

I have a Dell Dimension C521. All stock. Nothing changed, I'm looking for the most upgrades i could get out of it without breaking the bank to buy a new over the edge pc to play the unused titles i'll never play. Can you help me out? (:
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    Sounds like you about have it, the 6000 is the top CPU
  2. Thank you very much (: I appreciate your answer!
  3. No problem, let us know how it goes
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