random Blue screen of death?

so i was just on youtube watching some videos, when out of nowhere my computer freezes and blue screen of deaths... all my components are at their stock clock speeds and as far as i'm aware theres nothing wrong with them from the start-up single beep...

my stuff is 16GB's of Corsair Vengeance blue RAM 1600
AMD Radeon HD 7850 2gb twin frozr III
I5 3570k CPU
MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard.
1TB Harddrive
550 Watt XFX Pro 80+ bronze PSU

any ideas as to why I might be getting the blue screens of death and if theres anything i can do about them? :/ they happen like once every 2-3 months...
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  1. check the temp of your computer, could be something just running hot, or next time it happens write down the code that pops up (IE: 0x0000000059) and from there google is your friend to see what error it is.
  2. my hottest temperature is usually my CPU at like 60C full load, usually only on like 20% load though so its at about 34-36C...

    and didn't know about the codes, i'm pretty computer savvy, but the codes usually mean nothing to me haha, thanks though XD
  3. I'm going to guess RAM. Run memtest for 6+ passes.
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