i7 4770 vs 17 3770 (Both non-K) Editing and 3D rendering perfromance?

The question says it all.

Thank you.
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  1. The Core i7 4770 is faster.

    But since you're in the market for such CPU, you shouldn't be looking at those i7's at all.
    The Xeon E3 range is much better priced.
    The Intel Xeon E3 1240 V3 is the server variant of the Core i7 4770.
    It's just as fast.
    Just cheaper.
    Or, you could also get the E3 1230 V3 which is even cheaper, but is clocked 100mhz lower.
  2. Oh no, Xeon runs way too hot and too power consuming for my taste. I work more or less from my home studio. I live in India and the climate here to is way too hot to choose for such specs.
  3. They are based on the same core.
    They perform exactly the same.
    They use the same coolers.
    Their power consumption is equal.

    They are the same.
    Except for the server features that are present in the Xeons that you'll never use and the integrated graphics card which I also doubt you'll use.

    If you want your CPU to run cool, don't go with the Core i7 4770 or a Xeon E3 V3.
    Or if you do, buy an aftermarket cooler.
    You'll need it.

    Or just go with a Xeon E3 V2.
    They are based on Ivy Bridge and therefore run cooler.
  4. I have CM Hyper EVO TX3, which works brilliantly with my i5 3450, very possibly the Xeon CPU must have higher toldrance to heat then I series. How is Xeon E3-1280 v2?

    Now you got me thinking. I have never bought any server processor in my life, what should i be aware of before upgrading. I have Asus H75 board in mind, and upgrading my PSU to Seasonic ECO 600W, rest of the config will remain same, is that OK?
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    There is no difference between a server and a consumer CPU as far as desktop use goes.

    They can both work under hot conditions and they both (in this case) heat up considerably.

    The Xeon E3-1280 v2 is severely overpriced at 660$.
    You might as well grab a Core i7 4930K.

    Also, if you want a CPU that's significantly faster than your current one, I suggest you grab the Core i7 4930K.

    But, if you're upgrading from the Core i5 3450, you're not going to notice much of a difference.
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