How to read from a different hard drive?

So I built a new PC, but I was able to salvage two hard drives from two of my previous PCs (both 6 years old), I also salvaged their sata cables.
Now there are alot of files on these drives, photos of graduation, birthdays, songs, movies etc etc that I want to put into my new PC.
Can someone guide me or point me to a guide which shows me how to go on with that? Both of the drives also have windows installed on them so I dont know how to proceed, or if that will wreck anything.
Thanks in advance.
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    You can connect the older drives to the extra SATA port son your motherboard and they will appear in Windows as storage drives. Since your new drive is set as the boot device, the old installations of windows will not be an issue, the installs will just appear on the drive same as the rest of the files.
  2. Ty very much for the quick reply Martell, I will get right on it :)
  3. if you try and boot from them they may not boot right doe to the newer mb chipset being diffrent. some newer mb dont like older os then xp. if the old pc are still running the easy way is to conect them with a usb cross over cable and turn on file sharing and then drag and drop your files or use a 8 or 16g usb stick and drag and copy the files over to the usb stick. if the old pc are dead your better off using a blank hard drive and installing windows 7 on the drive then use a usb to sata cable kit and plug the drives into a usb port and copy the data that way. on old os you may have to set your new mb sata port to ide mode to get into the drive using f8 safe mode.
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