.Wav files don't play right in Windows 8.1

yeah um i just noticed that none of my .wav files that i've downloaded off the net will play.
well, ok, they "play" but there's no noise, no sound, nothing.
and they worked on 7.
it's not my sound cause my games and whatnot play fine
anyone know what the issue could be?
cheers :D
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    have you got it playing through your default device? EG windows media player - hit alt and go to Tools -> Options -> Devices -> Speakers and from ghere you can set a default device in which it plays back through. It would be specific to the media player playing the .wav files.

    The newer versions of windows support multiple sound devices operating at once and it is possible that the wav files are playing through an output that is not current to the rest of your output.
    Please look into the control panel -> sounds config and determine one device as the default both in windows settings and the media player OR have them setup according to your multi-output media setup
  2. Do you have the k-lite codecs?
  3. my bad i should've said this in the beginning... i'm using winamp
    i'll try wmp and see if that works

    ok nvm... 8,1 doesn't have WMP D:
    lemme see if i can d/l mwpc
  4. adimeister said:
    Do you have the k-lite codecs?

    Hmm maybe you can clear this up, why would he need klite codec drivers for .wav files?
    Those have been fully supported by windows since 98 or even before.
    But overall it is most likely a sound device issue incorrectly configured. Please confirm correct sound device configuration before resorting to other methods involving software installation.
  5. ok it would seem the default windows sounds work
    maybe its just the wav files i d/led...
    they're from a theme website that went dead after windows 7 came out and the theme file format changed
    but that would make no sense cause the sounds themselves work fine in 7...
    not sure what to make of this...
    oh and all my sounds are directed through my desktop speakers

    yeah it's jsut the certain ones i d/led
    no clue as to why they don't work and others do
    d/led another set and they work fine -_-
  6. hmmm it is possible that maybe a bugged download or maybe empty wav files from their side? that is kinda weird
  7. Get VLC media player. That will solve all your problems now and to come.
  8. I was having this problem and my default device was set to my correct sound card. I was able to resolve the issue by going to control panel>sound, selecting my correct and default audio device and hitting configure. For some reason Windows 8/8.1 decided to set it to 7.1 surround even though I only have 2 speakers and sub. I changed it to "stereo" and now my .wav files play without any issue.
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