can this monitor 2436vwh AOC handle this graphics card Radeon HD7870

i got a new gpu recently and when I go to turn on my pc everything is fine except my monitor just says no signal, i am currently in my lounge using my samsum 40inch and it works on this but nothing shows up when I use the 2436vwh do i require a new monitor?? if so What one do I need to handle my gpu???

any help would be much appreciated
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  1. If you monitor has the correct input port, it should work, you can still use old CRT monitors with a GTX Titan, so there's really no "handling" of video cards, they just work. Your monitor may not automatically detect which input has a signal, look for an input button that cycles through the different inputs and see if that gets you there (may also be in a menu rather than a button).
  2. thank you for your help but I have already tried all of that, even tried with hdmi and vga both said the same thing even after cyleing through vga and hdmi, no signal. Well if its the case that any moitor can be used with any gpu, is my monitor broken?? but yet still has power and can display no signal
  3. Do you have a laptop or another computer you can try it with? It does sound like a bad monitor if it works with your TV just fine.
  4. okay so I tried using my hdmi again after trying my vga and for some reason it worked, so thank you for your help, BUT I have a 1 inch black bar around my screen and I can find anything in catalyst control center to change it??? and Ideas with this one jaxem?
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    in Catalyst Control Center, go to 'My digital flat panels' then scaling options, and slide the slider to adjust the over/underscan, should fix it :)
  6. thats what I have been looking for but my catalyst control center does no have it it so im downloading a new one hopefully this one has the scaling option
  7. That should be the setting you need from the sound of it, the new version should have it, though recent versions have as well...
  8. sweeeeeeeet the one I downloaded had it and it worked =) cheers for your help, thanks jaxem
  9. no prob, glad you got it working :)
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