Installing clean Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 OEM license

Hi, i just wanted to know if it will be possible to do a fresh clean install of windows 8.1 while having windows 8 OEM license. I mean for example i replaced my hard drive and wanted to do fresh install without installing windows 8 at first...
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  1. I heard that Microsoft may provide the ISO file for download so that this is possible. And your license will definitely work because 8.1 is just an update to 8 not a complete new OS. Think of it kind of like a service pack. However, there is no way to know until the 18th when Microsoft releases all the details.
  2. There is not an easy way that I can find. The Microsoft download page for the 8.1 iso available to the general public does not work with an OEM or system builder license as far as I know.
  3. There is a video tutorial on how to do this -

    See this guy's video:
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