pc not booting after installing new power supply (pictures)

I just bought a new thermaltake smart M850w to go along with a gigabyte 7950. this is the first time i install a new psu and graphic card so i'm not sure if the wiring is good so i'm going to include pictures.

this is my system specs that i was able to find just the psu and gpu are different : http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1277132


1 of the wire from the black jack is connecting to the cd drive and the other to the hard drive as seen in the next pictures


the wire from the red jack of the psu is connecting to my graphic card


and then the 24 pin and 4 pin to my motherboard


i don't know what am i doing wrong. when i put the psu in computer, plug the power cable and turn the switch of the psu to on, nothing happen. Anyone would have a solution?

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  1. I cant see clearly from the pictures but try these steps:

    Make sure you've connected the case connectors (power, reset, hdd) to the system panel header correctly, especially power. You may need to refer to your motherboard/case manual to do this correctly.

    You can also usually see with a little difficulty where these connectors should go - It should say something like pwr_sw or p+/p- on the system panel header which is usually a row of 10 pins at the bottom right of your motherboard.

    Make sure you've connected the atx 12v connector correctly to the motherboard - 8 pins if the connector on the motherboard has 8 pins and 4 pins if it has 4. Also ensure that the 24 pin connector is tightly in.

    Make sure all the pci-express connectors are connected securely to the graphics card.

    Report back if you still have problems.
  2. Thanks for your reply, i checked the complete wiring then i put my old 300w power supply /w old graphic card. The PC is booting fine, accesing windows 7 without any issue. What i did next, is to remove my old psu and put back the new thermaltake psu with the exact same wiring, kept the old graphic card inside the pc for a test and still.. not powering up at all.

    .. it looks like the problem is now isolated to the thermaltake psu. However, I still don't know how to solve this. It seems far fetched that I got the bad one from the factory.
  3. It happens to pc builders sooner or later. But it seems you were quite unlucky and it happened to you sooner.

    Send it back for a replacement.
  4. Hi guys, i'm back.

    I returned the thermaltake psu and bought a corsair GS700. I unboxed the psu, connected everything the right way. Still not powering up... i then took out the corsair psu from the computer, unplugged all components and jumped the green and black connectors from the 24pin cable and the fan of the corsair psu powers on for about 2 seconds and then stop. Only the psu LED stays on.

    Any idea if I got another unfunctional psu or is something wrong with my damn computer. It seems unusual though that the fan of the corsair stop spinning after 2 seconds. I followed this video :


    skip to 4:30 you can see him jumping the green and black wire and the fan will keep running until he removes the electrical jumper.
  5. Can you list the model of your old, replaced and current psus?
  6. I'm wondering about what I'm looking at in the pic of your 4 pin ATX connector. Looking at the schematic of the board where the second 4 pin would be, it appears to me that your 4 pin ATX is 90 degrees off - I'm thinking it should be turned 90 degrees right (that may be the wrong way though) you want it so that the retaining clip snaps over the lip shown at the top of the connector in the picture
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