Trying to Access an old windows 7's files in a new computer

I took an old hard drive out of a computer I no longer use and placed it in a newish build. I need access to the files on that drive (which had windows 7 installed on it), but it has been switched to RAW.

How can I get to the files on the old HDD?

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  1. Some more information: the new build is running windows 7 64, has an ssd running windows, and a 1 tb hdd for storage. The old drive I added is also 1 tb.
  2. Thanks, lonewolf7. I'm currently in the process of recovering using iCare. In another 2 hours I'll know if it was successful. I'm confused as to how this happened though. The drive in question was working perfectly fine until I put it in the new build. In the past, I have been able to do the same thing with drives from older computers and place them in a new box and just access the files on the drive through explorer.

    What happened this time?
  3. Yeah, I'm not paying $70 to restore my files. Anyone else able to help me?
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    There are several free partition recovery tools available that I would try first.
    Give a try
    If your not afraid of the command line I have found testdisk to be quite usefull at both partition and file recovery.
  5. You know what, I'm just going to put the old drive in the comp it came from and transfer the files pc to pc. thanks for the help.
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