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the question is if i would get both of these like what will i use my solid state drive or sata the thing is i find solid state drive expensive and not so big but sata is cheaper and get more storage out of it so what is with the solid state drive sorry for this i am building my first pc :)
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  1. SSD's are commonly used as OS/program drives and then an additional HDD for storage. The benefit of the SSD is that it is much faster and the computer starts faster and all programs installed on it will load faster. A computer works fine though with out one.
  2. A solid state drive is much quicker than a conventional hard disk drive which is why they tend to be more expensive. If it's within your budget I recommend getting an SSD around 128GB to install the operating system and other programs that you like on, and then getting a larger HDD for storage purposes. The SSD will make boot up time and overall performance of the system super snappy.
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    I will not build a pc again without a ssd for the os and a few apps.
    Every thing you do will feel so much quicker.
    A one hour windows update on a fast hard drive will take 15 minutes on a ssd.
    120gb should be the minimum to hold the os and a handful of games.
    If you will store large files like video files or backups, then you can always add a hard drive later.
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