western digital external hard drive just clicks and doesn't work anymore

the western digital hard drive now clicks about twice and doesn't work. I have all sorts of content i'd like to recover. is it possible. how? are there any DIY techniques out there?
I'm not going to buy western digital ever again. does this mean the HD is completely dead and the content forever gone? how to recover it? is it possible? how?
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  1. It may be possible to remove the drive from the enclosure and slave it off your PC. It's more difficult if you're using a laptop. Even then, recovery may be difficult or impossible depending on the severity of the drive. If it's under warranty and you plan on getting a replacement, then don't remove the drive as that will void the warranty.

    Also, all drives fail sooner or later. No need to harsh on western digital. If the data was that important to you, you should have made backups.
  2. If it's clicking, very very unlikely you can get anything from it without bringing it into a repair shop which will cost quite a bit if they need to do any type of repair work on the drive. The drive may click if there is not enough power getting to it since it's in an enclosure, try what Hawkeye suggested and connect it directly to a computer.

    WD is pretty reliable, at least as much as any of the rest, and is probably in the top few makers. It's like never eating chicken again because you got a bad nugget piece at McDonalds.
  3. Can you see the HDD in BIOS ? regardless its working or not. If its there then there is a chance of data recovery. And don't use the drive for further writing, it will then be impossible for data recovery.
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