is it ok for gaming if i use TOSHIBA 23" 23PB200M LED FULL HDTV as my display? or is it better to use a monitor than the TV?

make a comparison which is better in gaming, the toshiba hdtv or regular monitors like acer, dell or so

Features u can get with the toshiba hdtv is..

LED Backlight
10-Bit Video Processing
Full HD 1080P
Contrast Booster
Auto Signal Booster
Auto Clean
Power Bass Booster
20W Audio Output
Photo / Music Playback
Optical Audio Out
PC Input
HDMI Terminals
Game Mode
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  1. do you already have the tv if so then you dont have to buy a monitor if not just get amonitor cause i notice the difference from a monitor and tv is that theirs a driver for most monitors that will auto select best resolution for that monitor but tv's only have generic png display and the bad thing about that is some games will automatically push the game 1080p when your tv max res is 720p and nothing comes on the screen only sound and you will have to restart the pc on press the windows button or the alt-delete to get out the game but good things about the tv is it comes with speakers and swap from pc to regular tv and good things about monitor is dont worry about the res problem and probably have more pc ports like dvi,display port,vga,hdmi and some other sound ports and depending what screen you get you can go over 1080p and some ips panel or something
  2. TV's work fine as displays. If you feel comfortable with the TV setup then there's no need to get a monitor. However, monitors do have higher response times which is better if you plan on gaming.
  3. Not sure about the question exactly. What is your GPU (graphics card)?

    If you have a powerful GPU I would strongly suggest buying a high resolution monitor (2560x1440 pixels). This will make even your HD TV (at 1920x1080 pixels) look like crap.

    Otherwise if they are the same resolution it really depends on personal preference and the quality of the display itself.

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