How big is the performance difference between the ati radeon HD 7850 and the GTX 460

My GTX 460 just died the other day, so I am looking to buy a new graphics card. I am really interested in buying the ati radeon HD 7850 1 GB OC edition.

How big is the fps difference between these 2 cards?

I know that the 7850 consumes significantly less power than the gtx 460, and produces less heat, that is one of the reasons I am considering the 7850.

Is 7850 a big leap from gtx 460 ordo you suggest getting a different card?

BTW, my gtx 460 was the 1 GB version.
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    EvilSaiyan360 said:
    I am really interested in buying the ati radeon HD 7850 1 GB OC edition....Is 7850 a big leap from gtx 460?<snip>

    I was trying to decide between the two myself and chose a 7850, even though it cost $30 more than a 460 for several reasons:

    The 7850 I bought has 2GB, no 460 that I know of has 2GB.
    The 7850 is two-years newer than the 460 and runs updated versions of OGL and DirectX (but not by much).
    The 7850 runs faster memory and core clocks.
    Using a ratio of a .65 AMD Stream Processor(s) to one nV Cuda core(s), the 7850 has a higher throughput than a 460.

    The 7850 o/c's higher than a 460, so even if it were to run hotter and be louder than a 460 (something I couldn't tell you) there are solutions available for that...from installing a better HSF on it to better ventilation in your case to installing a water cooler to just choosing the "right" brand of 7850. But whether other brands do make a difference is something only you can do the research for.

    And then I remember what one poster wrote when I was trying to decide between the two: "The best way to future-proof is to buy the most recent tech you can afford now." So I did, and I think I made the right choice. In the end only time can tell. <KOW>

    Post back and let us know what you decide, and why. :D
  2. kgrevemberg said:

    Pretty marginal? That site is completely worthless, its all based on theoretical data, theres no real world information at all. The 7850 is near twice as fast as a 460, its more comparable to a 480.
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