Best mid-range video card for Dell XPS 410 core 2 Duo computer

Need some advice. Looking for the best video card for my old Dell computer. It is a 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo with a 650 watt ps and 4 GB of ram. I currently have a HD 5450 and this card just really does not seem that good. I am stuck with this computer for a while, and am on a budget. I have seen some older cards like the GTX 280, and 3870x2 going for fairly low prices, but not sure if those would a whole lot better than what I have. How about an HD 6000 series? The XPS 410 had I think a Geforce 6800, or something like that, and previous owner said a game like Frontline Fuel of war worked great. With the 5450 it won't even play/load that game at all. I am really pretty new to this stuff so would appreciate any help. Thanks
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  1. The GTX 280 seems good; There's one more thing: What brand is your 650 PSU?
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    The 5450 and 6450 are video streaming and business cards not intended for gaming. Grab a 7750, 6670, or GT 640 and you'll far better off for gaming. Your limiting factor for gaming with a vid card upgrade will be a processor bottleneck eventually.
  3. MysteryINC said:
    The GTX 280 seems good; There's one more thing: What brand is your 650 PSU?

    It's a BFG.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. One more thing I was wondering. Would there be any real benefit game-wise to installing a Core 2 Quad CPU? Thanks
  5. Sure, a quad would be an improvement not by a huge margin though. Check you MB processor compatibility. It's likely your MB was designed for lower wattage with the 1.6 dual. Only do so though if you can get one really cheap. You'll conceptually be dumping money into dead end components/non-reusable in a new build parts ie. ram, drives, power supply, case....
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