Need help to get Eyefinity setup to work (2 LCD screens & 1 TV)

Hello everyone, I hope I am explaining clearly enough my problem.

screen 1 = VGA, DVI, HDMI
screen 2 = VGA, DVI
ASUS ROG MATRIX 7970 = 2x DVI& 4x DP
Motherboard = VGA, DVI

I have HDMI - DP adapter so I can extend desktop for TV, but then also 1 of my screens goes black.

So my setup goes like this:

Screen 1 = DVI -> GFX DVI
SCreen 2 = DVI -> GFX DVI
TV = HDMI -> (HDMI - DP adapter) -> GFX DP

The thing is that I want to expand all my screens at once and so far the best solution is to buy active DP - HDMI adapter, which is very rare piece to buy.

So I thought is there any other way to do this?

Is this doing the job ?
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  1. Yes that is what you need. In order to use more than two screens you need an Active DP adapter. This is also why You almost never see more than Two DVI/HDMI Combos on ATI cards and why the high end ones come mainly with DP. Once you get that it will read all 3 Screens properly.
  2. Another option is to just throw another cheap video card in (<$50) with HDMI. It doesn't sounds like you're setting up "eyefinity" for gaming, in consideration of what sounds like non identical screens. With a second card for the "TV" you can set the audio stream from whatever you're viewing to be pushed via that cards HDMI to the TV, allowing you to hear whatever else you're doing on the PC through your PC speakers.

    I have a similar setup so I can game on my eyefinity setup and have cable card live TV streamed with independent Audio to a 4th screen via HDMI +HD6450. It does eat a bit of my processor's resources in doing so, but it means I can eyefinity game on lower settings and watch sports at the same time.
  3. Thanks for answers. I just have one PCI-E slot in my motherboard so adding another GFX is not really possible, unless I get PCI one.

    After all there are other choices, but so far getting active DP - HDMI seems the most simple solution to get this to work.

    That one I linked above in ebay, someone said there is not any confirmation that it is actually active, but can someone confirm is it safe to buy that one? Or are there any better choices through stores in world? I must order it outside from finland because I can not really find anything here.

    Btw, I thought that is it possible to add my desktop screen to motherboard's DVI slot and get this work in that way?
  4. No onboard and dedicated at the same time. Using the card deactivates the onboard graphics. Why not just order from Amazon or Newegg?
  5. I got this one a while back for a client who wanted a 3 monitor display for Flight Simulator.

    No issues yet. Been 6 months now.
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