how to find a product key in dell inspiron laptop?

I bought a new laptop(dell inspiron), window 8 came preloaded in it . when I ran the set up of microsoft office 2007, it was asking product key but I skip that but whenever i open microsoft word message comes for product key and there was the warning that I can only open it for 25 times. what is it and how i'm I supposed to find product key to stop these messages.
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  1. Its asking for the office product key which would came in the package with the disks when you bought office.
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    Your laptop probably came with a trial version of Microsoft Office. It generally expires in 30 days or so. You need to purchase a valid license for Microsoft Office if you wish to continue using it without those annoying messages.

    Alternatively, you can use a free office program, such as Open Office which is about 95-99% compatible with Microsoft Office.

    -Wolf sends
  3. The disk for Office 2007 should have its own product key. I believe that is what you're being asked for. if you don't have a key the product is not useable.
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